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Modern Web Design

We are providing modern, stylish and responsive web design using TYPO3 or WordPress. Maybe you ask yourself now what is really web design.

Web design means creating and developing websites, this can be a website for a company or business, an online shop where people can buy directly products or services without going to your mortar shop, even the payment is getting straight done via a payment gateway.

Mobile first web design

Most of the visitors of your website will be using either smartphones like an iPhone or a tablet device such as an iPad. Therefore it is mandatory that your website and the web design is taking the smaller screen size into consideration. What looks good on a large display of a computer or notebook doesn't necessarily look close as good on a small screen like a tablet or even smartphone.

This said, our approach to web design is the mobile first approach. First we are making sure that the website looks good on small devices, then we continue to larger scaled devices.

The latest standards and technologies of HTML5 and CSS3 as well as TYPO3 or WordPress are all aiming and helping to achieve this goal.

TYPO3 and WordPress are very versatile and able to power from smaller business up to large company websites. The underlaying user structure can provide a very stable and user-friendly platform from the one person blog until a large scaled business company with several administrators, authors and writers, even workflows can be implemented before content is published.

Even though web design or development of a a website is not your main profession, with our help and TYPO3 or WordPress you will have a very user-friendly website that keeps you grow your business.

The website will be developed according to your needs, the administration and maintenance can be performed by us.

With a little bit of training and help provided by us, you will be able to keep the news or blog on your website or online shop up to date and your visitors and clients on your website.

TYPO3 & WordPress maintenance and services

TYPO3 or WordPress is the software residing on your webspace under your own domain. The domain will be the address where visitors will find your website and your content. TYPO3 or WordPress are under current development with a huge community around the world. Every year there are approximately around 20 t0 30 updates to TYPO3 or WordPress, to make TYPO3 and WordPress a very stable and safe piece of software. Taking care of these updates is necessary to provide for your company and your visitors the security.

Every website is being hosted on a web server. To find the appropriate web hosting company can be a very tough job as there are so many companies all over the world providing web hosting services. We are not only offering solid web design but also web hosting. We teamed up with a very solid and professional company in Germany with all servers located in Germany providing maximum speed and a guaranteed uptime of 99.9%.

As every good web design company we provide also maintenance and services around TYPO3 or WordPress as we are aware of the fact, that most of our customers are not as tech savvy as we are. To be honest, there is no need to; we are more than happy if we can help you with our maintenance services, from updating your TYPO3 or WordPress website, monitoring the performance of you website or keeping track of your search engine rankings.

We are providing monthly website maintenance services even on a yearly subscription basis.

Corporate & logo design

Every company tries to stand out from the concurrence and therefore has their own logo and corporate identity.

Besides web design we are offering logo and corporate design in order for your company and employees to shine. Your logo and corporate identity will be incorporated in your website design.

Your goals?

We don't know your goals yet - our goal is to provide you the best service and web design to an affordable price, WordPress hosting and maintenance.

Any questions? Feel free to contact us.