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WordPress Webdesign & Websites

Web design with WordPress

WordPress is one of the most used content management systems and should therefore not be missing in a web agency's portfolio.

Due to its wide distribution and a good ecosystem, it is suitable for some projects:

  • small to medium projects
  • simple websites with few editors and a flat hierarchy in the organization or company
  • monolingual websites

We have been working with the Content Management System (CMS) for several years, in smaller and larger multisites, and we are very happy to offer our customers web design with WordPress.

There are a large number of solutions for a large number of applications, and the CMS in particular has a large number of plug-ins that can be integrated. With plugins you can adapt it to your own needs with the required functions or desired options. We are very happy to help you with the selection or use the plug-ins required for your website.

The websites created are very appealing, require little training time on the part of the editors, but the administration effort is relatively high.

Very often updates have to be done to keep the system at a safe level. We would be happy to explain to you which steps are necessary so that you can carry out the updates yourself. Of course, we are happy to offer appropriate services for the administration of your WordPress website and regularly take over this work for you. Your WordPress website is in good hands with us.

If you are interested, we would be happy to create a website for you with the currently most popular CMS.

Have you already started a website with WordPress and can't get any further? In this case, we would be happy to advise you and analyze the relevant problems with you and work out possible solutions with you. We are happy to take over the project you have started and bring it to a successful end.

Are you an editor or prospective administrator in WordPress and need instruction in the CMS? We are happy to offer individual training tailored to your needs.

Just contact us.